Birthday Cakes

I have fond memories of my birthday cakes growing up. My mom made many for myself and my 3 brothers as well as sourcing my aunt's talents. I remember being able to "order" what we would like and it would magically appear for us at our party. Many of the cakes were the cut-up style - the hobby horse, teddy bear - and some more elaborate like Smurfette and a Care Bear.

I am now passing these memories down to my daughters and love decorating birthday cakes for them. In the midst of decorating, there usually tends to be some stress involved, a few moments of frustration and a whole lot of learning involved! With some perseverance, support from DP and great icing recipes & tutorials from my friend Michelle the cakes usually turn out to be, in my opinion, a success! Of course, I am always my toughest critic, but if my girls are happy and have a smile on their faces then that is all that matters!

I would like to share the cakes I have made, even the disappointing barn at CP's 2nd birthday. This was where I learned that cakes made from a mix are not the best choices for cutting - at least not for me! I usually make cupcakes for the "friend" party and a cake for the "family" party.

I will also share (see bottom of page) my favourite chocolate cake recipe (family tradition and our go-to birthday cake) and a few icing recipes (thanks again to Michelle who is an amazing cake decorator!). 

I would love to see some of the cakes you have made!

CP's 2nd Birthday - The Barn Cake

CP's 3rd Birthday - Elmo Cupcake Cake

CP's 3rd Birthday - Elmo Cake

NP's First Birthday - Rainbow Cupcake Cake

NP's First Birthday - Hot Air Balloon Cake

NP's 2nd Birthday - Franklin Cupcake Cake

NP's 2nd Birthday - Franklin Cake
CP's 5th Birthday - Hannah Montana Cupcakes (Homemade Candy Stars)

CP's 5th Birthday - Hannah Montana Cake
NP's 3rd Birthday - Princess Cupcakes

NP's 3rd Birthday - Princess Castle (highly stressful cake that didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to!)

CP's 6th Birthday - Snow White & "Poison" Apple Cupcakes

NP's 4th Birthday - Belle Cake (unfortunately the eyes & nose didn't turn out quite right)

CP's 7th Birthday - Pascal from Rapunzel cupcakes

CP's 7th Birthday - More of Pascal

CP's 7th Birthday - Rapunzel & Pascal Cake
Can you tell my girls L-O-V-E Disney Princesses!

NP's 5th Birthday - Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

NP's 5th Birthday - Check out the rainbow cupcakes! Love these!
NP's 5th Birthday - Minnie Mouse Cake (perfect theme as this was a week after being at Disneyworld!)


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