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I thought I would share our home with you. It has seen many changes over the course of its 60-some-odd years of life! 
DP's grandparents had it built in a town about 1/2 hour away from here and had it moved (an early version of an RTM!) to where it now rests. They lived here for awhile and when they moved to town DP's parents moved in. It was a tiny 2 bedroom bungalow at the time; very small for a family with 3 growing boys so my in-laws put on a large addition in the 1970's (large kitchen, office, 3rd bedroom and single-car garage). 

In the summer of 2004 it was decided that my in-laws were going to downsize and move into a new mobile home on the same yard where they had been living while DP & I would move into the home they had been living in for the previous 40 years.

I felt that we were very lucky when we moved in that my mother-in-law had been keeping the house so updated. Afterall, who wants to move into a home when they are 6 months pregnant, just starting into harvest season and have to do a bunch of renovations! The only changes we made were to the baby's room (CP's) and the spare bedroom (NP's) where we painted and installed new carpet.  

While pregnant with NP we took the wallpaper off her bedroom walls (did I mention how much I dislike wallpaper!) and painted it yellow (DP said we could have smoked a lot of cigarettes to achieve the same colour!).

After NP was born I decided that I would like to make a few changes to make it feel more like "our" home. I recall painting the kitchen, hallway and front entrance with a toddler and young baby in tow. Luckily my mother-in-law was never too far away and would help me by taking some grandma time with the girls. After this large project I realized that I really needed to learn the proper techniques for painting as all I could see every time I looked at the kitchen walls were roller marks. 

We also decided that this would be a great time (thanks to hydro and government rebates!) to have geothermal heating/cooling installed. We said goodbye to the window air conditioner and partial baseboard heat and hello to a terrific way to heat/cool your home.  

I had been hoping to convince DP that it would be nice to update our kitchen cabinets as they had been built with my mother-in-law's height in mind (she is about 4' 10" and I am about 5' 6"), but with having just spent $$ on the geothermal, we decided it would need to wait. So again I painted, this time just the cabinets. I was definitely happy with the result!

Fast forward a couple more years and we decided the time was right to tackle kitchen renovations. We already had a large kitchen, but we decided now was the time to remove our office to allow for an open-concept feel and bigger entrance-area. It is amazing the difference it made to this space! We had new kitchen cupboards built, pantry added, new flooring installed, almost the entire main floor painted and also renovated both bathrooms. It was a large job that honestly at points felt like it would never end, but it was definitely worth it! I absolutely LOVE our house. It really feels like "our" space now, but I am grateful to know that my children are the fourth generation to live in this home! How cool is that?!

I hope you enjoy looking at some of our before and after pictures. The decor is evolving and I finally have some inspiration thanks to some wonderful blogs! 

Kitchen pre-renovation. Wow it's hard to remember it ever being like that!
Kitchen pre-renovation looking towards dining area / living room

The sink was on the wall where the original house was. My mother-in-law was told when they added the kitchen on that it wasn't possible to move the sink under the window like she wanted it. It was a great conversation piece! 

Kitchen  after cupboards were painted

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