Monday, 5 November 2012

Trick or Treat Sign

012 I know that I’m a bit late with this project, but I wanted to share it anyways. As I may have mentioned before our girls are quite quiet and keep to themselves in situations where they are not completely comfortable or in places that they don’t feel at home. At times and in places where they feel anonymous such as the grocery store they are more themselves although if spoken to directly they aren’t comfortable speaking.

Of course we are completely used to this and respect the way our children feel and certainly don’t want to make them feel bad about themselves. Others on the other hand seem to have difficulty understanding quiet children and either try to push the kids into talking to them or pressure us regarding it. This is extremely frustrating and trust me it has the opposite effect than what is trying to be achieved.

Quiet children are GREAT, WONDERFUL, FUNNY, LOVING, WARM, FANTASTIC, BRIGHT, CAPABLE (and thousands of other things)! Please respect and accept children (and adults) for who they are. It is not a personal attack if children do not feel comfortable speaking to someone. I also have to point out that now that we are homeschooling, our girls are FREE to be themselves. They feel comfortable asking and answering questions, speaking their minds and having fun out loud in a non-threatening, non-judgemental place. We are not keeping them locked in the basement with no social access. They are involved in children’s Zumba, swimming lessons and 4H. CP and NP are so much fun to be around and those of us who are lucky enough to see their natural sides are truly blessed.

There are situations where we want to give our girls a way to show appreciation to others and say thank you without having to speak. We came up with the idea of giving folks a “thumbs-up” and I explain to the recipient that this means thank you. The past years at Halloween, DP or myself have always said Trick or Treat and Thank-you while the girls gave a thumbs-up. I came up with the idea this year to make a sign that the girls can show the generous folks doling out candy. Of course this idea came to me on Halloween day which was a crazy busy day. Just before we were heading out, I whipped up this sign.


I typed Trick or Treat and Thank You on the computer and printed it on orange construction paper. I cut out a sign using some Halloween scrapbooking paper I had on hand and then cut the orange paper in the same shape, just a little smaller in size. CP glued Trick or Treat to one side of the Halloween paper and Thank You on the other side. We have a bunch of clothes pins on hand so we clipped one to the bottom of each sign to use as a handle.

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These signs worked out so great! We went to less than a dozen houses and at each the girls were happy to show their signs and they seemed to be appreciated by all!


In my opinion these signs would work well for so many children on Halloween and I hope that others will be able to use this idea!

Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world cannot poke enough holes to drain it dry.

- Alvin Price -

~ Wendy ~

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