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Rustic Kitchen Table

024 I am so excited to share my new kitchen table with you! Back in the early summer I came across this gorgeous table that was created by Shanty-2-Chic in conjunction with Ana White. If you haven’t had a chance to experience either of these sites, now is the time. They are amazing women and have such fabulous ideas, of which I would like to make many!

When my brother and sis-in-law were visiting from Alberta I showed them the photo of the Shanty table. They immediately liked it as well. LS and I were up searching for goodies in my grandma’s barn when he noticed some planks that had been used for a chute in the barn. He showed them to me and we both figured they would make a great table top. A week or two after they left we had an influx of visitors at my folks including my uncle who is a carpenter by trade. I asked him if he would be able to give me his opinion on whether I, a complete novice, would be able to make this table based on the plans from Ana White and if the wood LS & I had found would be suitable. He took a look at both and said yes to both. He was going to be visiting for about a week and kindly offered to help me if I was interested. Of course I jumped at this chance!

A day or two later he had the boards removed from the barn, the wood for the base purchased, cut and put together! I offered my services, but he just told me to go and visit and not worry. My uncle and dad took the planks to a local Hutterite Colony and had the boards planed and then my uncle attached them to the base. I was so surprised when I showed up and the whole table was assembled! I felt bad because I didn’t help with any of it and I certainly didn’t want to take advantage of my uncle’s kindness. He assured me that this wasn’t the case and I thanked him with many hugs!

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There are a few reasons why this table means a lot to me. Besides the fact that my uncle made it for me, the planks come from spruce trees from my grandparents’ farm. My grandpa and uncle (a different uncle!) cut down the spruce trees, ripped the planks and put them up in the barn. I am quite a nostalgic person and it makes me happy knowing I have a piece of my grandparents’ farm in my home.

I was a little concerned that with a plank-style table top we would run into problems with crumbs getting stuck in the grooves. It was suggested that we purchase a glass table top. My uncle and dad headed back to the Colony and ordered one.


My cousins delivered the table to my house and it sat in the garage for the next couple of months waiting to be finished. I was so busy trying to get our school room completed and get school on the go that I couldn’t take the time to complete it. I knew the right time had come a couple of weeks ago. I purchased Minwax stain conditioner, Minwax dark walnut stain and Minwax polyurethane from Home Hardware where they were super friendly and gave me very detailed instructions and listened to all of my questions. I was super nervous that I might make a mess of the job considering I had no staining experience whatsoever. I chose a dark stain because our kitchen flooring and cabinets are a lighter maple colour and I wanted to add some contrast.


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I have to admit the staining job ended up going better than planned and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. It took a little over a week to complete it and I ended up having to use a portable heater in the garage as the temperatures had cooled off.

DP and I picked up the glass last Friday. We brought the table into the kitchen as soon as we got home and set the glass on top. It looks great! I love the rustic feel of it – right down to the holes in the planks from the bolts that held it in place in the barn and the rough edges on the table top. 

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get a fantastic photo of it as there is constant glare / reflection on the glass. Any suggestions on how to take a better photo would be appreciated! I don’t use flash and tried having the room dark and lit.

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I now have to decide how to finish the mix of wooden chairs I have to go with the table. Any ideas on that would be great as well! I’m definitely going for an eclectic feel with the chairs all being different designs. It’s more the colour that I’m needing help with.

Sorry I don’t have any detailed photos or instructions on the assembly. Please take a look at Shanty-2-Chic and Ana White’s websites for details.

Have a great weekend!

~ Wendy ~

ps. Happy Birthday LS!!

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  1. A-maz-ing, Wendy! I remember seeing this table (love Shanty 2 Chic!) and your uncle made a beautiful copycat. I love the story behind the wood and your glass tabletop is a great way to keep all the charm and character of the wood while making it a functional piece for your family. I would have such a hard time picking a wood stain colour. Great choice! We're hoping to put together an eclectic mix of chairs for our cottage kitchen table.

    Glad your vision was able to become a reality!


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