Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Organized clothes drawer

NP has a humungous drawer under her bed where we keep almost all of her clothing. We keep her undies and PJ's in another area, but everything else makes its way to this drawer. We have always referred to this drawer as the “Big Honkin’ Drawer”. It’s funny to hear NP call out for someone to help her open her big honkin’ drawer as it’s too heavy for her to open by herself! It is the depth of her twin bed and over half the length of it. We are able to keep her off-season clothes in it as well as the in-season ones because of its size. The size can also contribute to it getting a little out of hand at times (or is it all the clothes she has?!).

I had cleaned it out about a month ago and purged the clothes that are too small. I had everything nicely folded and organized and things remained that way for a couple of weeks when suddenly it looked like this.


I had seen a few pins on Pinterest for folks that “file” their clothes in their dresser drawers. I was hoping that our dilemma might be solved by using the same technique so gave it a try. I spent awhile refolding the clothes and then “filed” them into the drawer. What a terrific idea! You can view all the items that are in the drawer without having to remove more clothing than necessary. I explained to NP that she needs to try to decide what to wear before removing it in hopes that it will stay organized. We don’t have dressers in our house so unfortunately cannot use this anywhere else, but it kind of makes me wish we did!



Now to figure out how to organize the clothes in a couple of our closet “organizers” (I use this word lightly as they often don’t feel organized) so that they aren’t always pulled onto the floor or pushed back on top of each other. Any suggestions?

~ Wendy ~

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  1. Wow!! Now that is awesome!! I am pinning this!!


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