Friday, 16 November 2012

Barbie Silhouette Craft

067We have done many crafts through the years at the girls’ birthday parties. CP decided that she would like to do one again this year so I came up with a fun and easy project for the girls. Since we had a Barbie themed party and the cake featured Barbie’s silhouette I thought the girls might like to have their own silhouette as well.

I took a side profile photo of each of the girls and downloaded it to the computer. While everyone was busy playing outside, I sized the photos and printed them in black and white on regular copy paper.

I used some contact paper that we have on hand and cut 8.5 x 11 pieces from it. I then cut a smaller rectangle out of the centre of each of the pieces allowing for about an inch of paper to be left around the exterior that would act as our frame.

When the girls were ready, they sat at the table and started to put together their crafts. Each girl chose a colour of cardstock to act as their base. They then removed the back of the contact paper border and placed it sticky side down on the cardstock. This was a little tricky. Some we tried to lay the cardstock over the contact paper while for others we had two of us hold each end of the contact paper by its corners and gently lay it on the cardstock. Some seemed to work better than others, but the girls seemed happy with the results.

I then gave the girls their printed profile photo and we attached it to a black piece of construction paper using a small amount of scotch tape. The girls then cut out their profiles and were left with their silhouettes.

They each glued their silhouettes to the cardstock and had their framed picture. Two of the guests decided to add their side profile photo to their cardstock as well and one put theirs on the back. I love seeing what kids’ imaginations have them do.



I think they all were happy to have them and  I thought they were a cute and easy craft to complete.

Have a terrific weekend!

~ Wendy ~

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