Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Barbie Birthday Cakes


Last Wednesday was CP’s 8th birthday and this year she had requested a Barbie birthday cake. In the past few years I have made cupcakes for the girls’ “friends” party and had originally planned on doing the same this year. A day or two before her party, CP asked if we could have the rainbow cupcakes like NP had for her last party. I’m glad she thought of it because they look so great and are easy to make. I did decide though that I would make a Bundt cake instead of the cupcakes. I picked up a Betty Crocker Super Moist French Vanilla cake mix, prepared it as directed and then divided it into 7 bowls. I added food colouring gel representing the colours of the rainbow into each of the bowls and mixed them thoroughly. I then poured the batter into the greased Bundt cake pan in order of the rainbow colours. I popped it into the oven for the required amount of time and once it was done and cooled, turned the pan upside down on a plate and the cake came right out.

I iced the cake using the Dreamy Frosty and NP sprinkled purple (CP’s favourite colour) sprinkles on top. We placed it in the fridge overnight as that type of icing requires refrigeration. Unfortunately when I looked at it the next morning, the icing had cracked and the sprinkles had “settled in”. I need to make a note on that icing recipe to ice the day of the occasion to avoid this type of disappointment.

I had a piece of sparkly purple cardstock that I had also used for the party invitations to use for a cake topper. I traced a circle on the back using a small plate and cut it out. I printed a Barbie silhouette on copy paper and placed it over black construction paper. I cut the silhouette out with both papers together and had my Barbie image. After gluing the silhouette onto the cardstock, I covered the back with contact paper. This way any icing that got on it could be easily wiped off and then used as a decoration. I placed the completed topper on top of the cake.

As mentioned, I had originally planned on baking cupcakes so CP had spotted some cute cupcake liners which we picked up to use. We were both disappointed when we realized that we weren’t going to be able to use them as planned. I decided we could still use them by flattening them out and cutting them in half. I placed them around the plate and tucked them just under the cake. I think it really finished the look off.

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The cake was delicious and it’s always a fun surprise to cut into the cake and see a rainbow!


We always have a friend party and a separate family party. Unfortunately we received about a foot of snow this past weekend which resulted in slippery road conditions and warnings that travel was not advised so some of our family weren’t able to come from the city. Both sets of grandparents and great-grandma were able to attend.

We decided to do a Barbie Mariposa style cake for the family party. I searched online for a colouring page of Barbie Mariposa wings and finally found one that would work. I printed it on copy paper and then cut it out. I had made the chocolate cake that I use for all the girls’ cakes. It’s delicious and dense. I made Michelle's Super Icing and iced the cake with it. I then coloured the remainder of the icing with purple food colouring gel.

I positioned the wing printout on the cake. I had some Wilton black icing on hand so put a tip on the tube and outlined the wing. I flipped the printout over and outlined the other wing. After I removed the printout, I spread purple icing inside the wing outline and then sprinkled purple sprinkles over it. I proceeded to detail the wings with the black icing.

We had a Barbie ready to lie in between the wings. I took some saran wrap to place underneath her and then placed the wrap and Barbie in place.

I sprinkled some pink sprinkles on the white area of the cake and then was done.

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CP was happy with both of her cakes which is what I always aim for!

~ Wendy ~

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  1. These cakes are so beautiful and fun!!! Thank you for sharing :)


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