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School Room

Today is the day that I am finally sharing our school room with you! You have seen some sneak peeks in the play area post, but today you get to see more. Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t the best, but you will still get a good idea of what it looks like at the moment. Hopefully once we have the lights installed and wall frame/studs out I’ll have the rest of the room organized and can share a more finished look with you.

Just before I share the photos, I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying homeschooling our girls. The first week was a little scary, but now that we are into our fourth week things are fantastic! Wow, not sure if I should actually say that (or write that!) out loud just in case it jinxes us! I am loving the time that we are spending together. I can see a real change in our oldest daughter, CP’s, demeanour and I feel as though it is really strengthening the bond between the four of us. I love the freedom homeschooling is giving my girls as well as the freedom to be themselves without worry – worry about speaking out in public, worry what others are thinking and just the anxiety that goes along with those things and so many more.

I found this quote and have it hanging up downstairs (although I think it’s currently under some artwork!). I need this as my mantra and I want my girls to always remember these words – for they can do whatever they set their minds to and turn their dreams into reality.


Ok, on with the show. As I mentioned in previous posts, we decided to use our old office for our school area. DP removed the wall paneling on the wall between the office and rec room and we are just waiting to have the electrical wiring removed so that we can take out the studs and totally clear up this space. Removing this wall has let so much natural light into our otherwise dark play area / rec room. With the walls and ceiling removed, I painted the paneling in the rec room, play area, stairwell and school area. This also made a huge difference in the feel of the room. Things were a little bit out of control in this area. As you can see by the before photos it was kind of a dumping area.

016 014 015

I tried to repurpose items we already had on hand and have been acquiring more and more through the generosity of our families! I love repurposed things and it just ties so well into this room. The shelf below was the only furniture that had to be purchased. I picked it up at a garage sale for $25. I will share a before and after in another post, but let’s say that you had to have vision knowing that it would look great after a coat of paint. This is my favourite piece and holds our supply tray, books, workbooks, notebooks, etc.


I made the alphabet bunting using letters that I had picked up a few months earlier at the dollar store. There were a few letters together on one card so I cut them into individual cards, strung up two pieces of string (I was all out of twine, except for blue baler twine!) and used clothespins to attach the letters. The large globe I also purchased at the same garage sale as the shelf for $4. The smaller globe was one that DP used as a child and the smallest is from the girls’ Barbie collection. The jars are antiques that my mother-in-law gave me and I love! I use the one to hold our rulers.


I made this whiteboard using an old mirror frame. I painted the frame and then used whiteboard paint to paint the piece of chipboard that had been holding the mirror in place. I had originally thought that the mirror was in bad shape and I would just paint it, but once I took a look I realized that it will work great in a new frame. We screwed this to the wall under the window which allows the girls to easily reach it.


These are two corkboards that I covered with mack tack / adhesive shelf liner that I purchased at Walmart. I painted the frame in a fun and fresh teal colour. The bottom one is used for our days of the week and weather station.


DP had bought this calendar for me and it was at our kitchen desk up until this point. It is the perfect fit for our daily calendar routine. It is perched on top of this fabulous stool that my dad saved from the dumpster. Can you believe someone was throwing this away?! It even has a built in top step, which I’ve never seen before. My dad knew I would really like it and I’m so glad he thought of me!

052   082083084 

On the wall opposite to the shelf is another bunting made with dollar store numbers, another repurposed corkboard and a bunting I made out of old dictionary pages showing the girls’ current grade levels. We have had the desk for quite a few years and I have started to update it. I had extra whiteboard paint so figured I might as well paint the top of this desk as well. I still have to update the front of the cabinet and want to add a skirt.


026     025

We also have had this cabinet for many years and it will come in handy for holding craft supplies and other goodies and it also works well for hanging some of the girls’ artwork. I still have to organize it as it is quite a disaster at the moment, but I look forward to the day when I can easily locate items that we need for school or other fun activities.

076 075

This is also one of my favourite items. Our school table. This was our family kitchen table when I was growing up and I just recently found out originally belonged to my grandparents. It is a good sturdy table and I am happy that we can keep it in the family. I painted the top with the whiteboard paint and we do so many activities on it – from spelling to math to drawing.

 078 080 081 003

These photos are from our first day. We set our school rules and each of the girls wrote them down on the school table I just remembered that I was going to type these and post them in the room – oops!



CP was used to having a schedule in public school and wanted to carry this into our day. This was from our first day. We accomplished most of it that day! I’ve tweaked the schedule a bit now to make it work better for us. 


Well that is our school room in its initial stage. I know that as we go along it will it will develop and I am looking forward to having it better organized. It will be great to share those photos with you as well. I will do a separate post to show you more details and before & afters of the repurposing.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Wendy -

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  1. Fantastic space, Wendy! I babysat for a family who had a basement office that looked just like your before so I know the space well! You definitely have an eye for finding unloved items that have another life left in them (and it sounds like it runs in the family!). It looks like you have created a fun, happy space for your girls to learn, play and enjoy time with you.

    I was working with a Greek student today who was referencing the alphabet chart you have up while doing some language work today and we noticed that there's something up with N. Take a look. I suppose it could be a net, but it looks an awful lot like a web instead of a nest. What can you expect for $1? :)

    That little Barbie globe is so cute! Did you pull that out or was that added by the girls?


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