Wednesday, 3 October 2012

School Room Projects

As promised in my previous post, here is a look at some of the projects from our school room.

Whiteboard (Dry Erase) Paint

I picked up Rustoleum’s dry erase paint to use on our school table as well as to make a whiteboard for the space.

As per the instructions, I put a primer coat on the table and the piece of board I had for the whiteboard. Once that was dry I mixed the two cans that come in the Rustoleum box and got started painting. The box states that it can cover a 7’ x 7’ area when using 2 coats and I found that I had a lot of paint to use. I was able to cover the table, whiteboard, our old computer desk and a small desk for CP’s room with 3 coats each and still had some paint left. The only downside to this paint was that once mixed, you have to apply all coats within 2 hours so no saving it and using it later. I am really happy with the way it turned out and it is truly a fantastic resource to have in our school room. We use the table for all sorts of fun learning such as math, spelling, drawing – you name it. It also saves on a lot of paper and really what child (or adult – Aunty S) doesn’t like to doodle especially on a table! I would highly recommend this to anyone – homeschooler or not. Great investment.

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I upcycled this mirror into our whiteboard. It has been sitting in the girls’ playhouse for ages and I knew one day it would come in handy. I thought the scalloped edge was fun and with a new coat of paint would look great. I removed the mirror, sanded the frame (goodbye Big Bird) and painted it with an acrylic craft paint. After the dry erase paint was dry on the piece of board I put it in the frame and DP & I screwed it to the wall. I want to make a frame for the mirror and use it elsewhere.

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This is the piece of board (I apologize that I don’t know what the proper name is for it) that I used with the dry erase paint. I just flipped it over and painted the smooth side.


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Bulletin Boards

We had these three bulletin boards hanging up in our office for as long as I can remember. I painted the frame with the same paint as the whiteboard. I had originally thought I would spray paint the cork and had tried using a lace tablecloth to make a design, but that didn’t go so well. I had picked up this mack tack / adhesive shelf liner at Walmart and decided it would look great and could be used as a bulletin board or as a wall hanging when there isn’t anything posted on them. I cut the mack tack to size and adhered it to the cork.

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I really love this shelf. I picked it up at a garage sale for $25. It wasn’t real pretty to begin with but I knew it had great potential. I loved the detailed edging and the real wood paneling on the back. I also know how much new cheaply made shelves cost and that they can be quite flimsy. This seemed like a great bargain to me especially for a sturdy piece of furniture with wonderful character. I gave it a couple coats of white paint. Probably should have had a primer, but I was in a rush and wanted to get it done.

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Supply storage

We are using mason jars that I had on hand for most of our daily supplies. I had also picked up some jars with lids at the thrift store that I thought would look cute filled with various goodies. My mother-in-law also gifted me with a set of three lidded jars and the antique jars holding our rulers. I love seeing all the colours of the supplies and I think it adds some colour pop to the room. I am currently using a grain sieve to hold the majority of our daily supplies but I plan on putting together a three tiered stand that can hold even more. I’m just keeping my eye out for the right trays and know that they will turn up soon!

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- Wendy -

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