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027We had such an amazing school day this past Monday. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! If every day were like that I would be walking on air. We were making our first lapbooks and we were all super pumped about it (ok, just the three chicks were pumped!). The girls and I were ready and excited to start our school day at 8:30am. The girls were having such a great time that when I asked them if they wanted recess they said NO. I couldn’t believe it. They were hungry and needed a snack, but they didn’t want to take a break. In between printing off mini-book templates and cutting them up I grabbed a snack for them and they ate it in the midst of creating some pretty great lapbooks. 

We are currently learning about castles and royalty so that was the lapbook that I had originally planned on us working on. CP really wanted to do her first lapbook on one of her huge interests – Barbies. I figured, why not? That’s the cool thing about homeschooling (one of about a bazillion) - if we want to focus on one thing for an entire school day and not worry about math or reading we can. I am so glad that CP suggested it and that I agreed because it was truly a great day. The girls have since completed a lapbook on a junior chapter book we read, Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth and have started on mini-books for their castle lapbook.

Now, if you are wondering what exactly a lapbook is – you are not alone. Up until quite recently I had never heard of one, but I tell you I think they are the bees knees and could be used for absolutely everything we learn about. A lapbook is essentially a place to bring together all of what has been learned on a certain subject; a portfolio of sorts. You create mini-books with relevant information and adhere them to the inside of a bigger book which fits on your lap. You pretty much have free creative reign.

I found this amazing source for lapbook resources and ideas on Pinterest. Thank you Homeschool Share for doing just that, sharing these fabulous resources. The templates alone are more than a person who is creating a lapbook could ask for.

Take a look at the wonderfully creative lapbooks that CP & NP have created.

We have officially entered the world of Lapbooking and are LOVING it!!

This is NP’s Fancy Nancy lapbook. We decorated both the outside and inside of the lapbook with wrapping paper that we had on hand. 


In Fancy Nancy style, the girls decorated their magnifying glasses.


 I downloaded some great resources from Fancy Nancy World and had the girls use the illustrations and activities to fill their books.

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I asked CP & NP what items a detective would have and they drew these items on the pages of their fan mini-book.


 They made a wheel that shows the suspects in this book.

034036 037

 We took their fingerprints and added them.


In the book, Nancy’s class has a Mystery Memento day where they bring a favourite memento and their classmates have to guess which item belongs to which person. CP & NP decided they would bring a memento to “class” to share (CP brought one of the teeth that she has lost and NP brought one of her beloved blankets). They used a petal book to show the mementos that each of them brought as well as ones from the book. 046 047 

This is CP’s Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth lapbook.

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 Each girl created their own “Crack the Code” sentence which we laminated and added to their envelope along with the decoder that was provided with the resources. With the code being laminated they can have anyone who looks at their book decipher the code using a dry-erase marker and then pass it on to the next person to decipher.


This is CP’s first lapbook on Barbies. She filled all the mini-books with what interests her relating to her Barbies.

068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075

 NP chose to do her initial lapbook on her blankets. She truly does love them.

076 077 078 079 080  082 084083

I just love seeing the girls’ imaginations come alive in their work. Can’t wait to get more done in our castle lapbook. We’ll definitely share them once they are done.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

- Wendy -

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