Monday, 15 October 2012


I’m embarking on what is going to be a busy week. Why does it always seem like everything happens all at once?! Every day this week (including Saturday and Sunday) has something scheduled. The one good thing is that I know I’ll be getting some creative time in amongst all the craziness!

In between working on some projects (one biggie that I am excited to share with you real soon), cleaning up and winterizing the camper and getting my outdoor goodies put away for winter I managed to squeeze in this jack-o’-lantern.


This is our second year with the jack-o'-lantern bale. Obviously not everyone has access to a round bale, but if you do, it can be quite fun to decorate. So far, I have just used good old spray paint, but I do have it in my mind to delve into a bigger project one of these days. Perhaps this might be a project I can manage on the band saw. Did I mention that DP bought me a used band saw? I’m quite excited to learn how to use it and see what great things I can create with it.

This guy is tucked away under the trees in our front yard, but I’m quite confident that passersby will still be able to see it and smile when they do.


Have you seen any bale artwork or made some yourself? If so, I’d love to see photos!

~ Wendy ~

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  1. This is so much fun, Wendy! My Kindergarten classes went to a local farm each fall that would create displays with hay bales. I tried to find a photo because I know one year it was a spider (with drain pipe for legs) and I think another time they were stacked to somehow make a scarecrow. I bet the kids in your town will love this!

    Have fun getting creative this week!


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