Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Acknowledge What you Have Accomplished

I think I mentioned on Monday that this is a busy week for me. I was going to say that it is half over but in actual fact it isn’t because I am busy right through Sunday. It’s a good busy though so that helps.

I have been fitting in projects which is wonderful, but I don’t have any finished ones to show you. I was pondering what I could share with you and then last night a thought popped into my head.


We are so good at being hard on ourselves so if we feel that we haven’t done much in a day we can beat ourselves up over it. For some reason we feel as though we aren’t allowed to acknowledge the things we have done – not to others but to ourselves. It doesn’t have to be some huge item either. Some days I really don’t feel like I have the energy to complete any extra projects, but I need to look at what I have accomplished that day. Whether it is tidying up, folding a basket a laundry, making a meal or reading a book to my girls. All of these are things that we have accomplished during a day.

So whether you have run a half marathon or cleaned the toilets, acknowledge what you have accomplished and be proud of yourself for all that your body, mind and soul do for you during the day.

~ Wendy ~

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