Friday, 28 September 2012

Foto Friday – September

Happy Friday! The other day when I was emailing Claire @ a little something in the meantime I had thought pop into my head - I should start sharing photos once a month and call it Foto Friday. I love taking photos and am so happy to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as well. Welcome to the first Foto Friday!

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These are some photos of CP’s.

 137 142 145



Have a wonderful weekend!

- Wendy -

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Play Area

Last week I shared our reading nook with you. Today I would like to share the transformation of part of the rec room into a play area for the girls.

My girls have so many toys. We go through them a couple of times a year and decide which ones can be donated to the local thrift store. Believe it or not the majority of the ones that are left behind are played with on a regular basis. CP & NP have the most amazing imaginations and have decorated their Barbie houses in really fantastic way.

With all of these toys comes the frustration of where to put them all. For quite awhile we had toys in each of the girls’ rooms and in a toy box that was originally in the living room and is now in our entrance area. I was getting so annoyed with all of the toys migrating into the living room and kitchen and being played with and then left anywhere and everywhere when they moved onto a new game. Last winter I decided that NP’s room would be converted to a play room and she would move into her sister’s room. That went quite well for at least three months until the girls decided they wanted their space back. We moved them back and then began the toy migration.

The rec room was the perfect space to turn into a play area. Once the wall from the office was removed it let in so much natural light which was a pleasant change. DP removed the ceiling tiles as we plan on having pot lighting installed which will brighten up even more. I spent quite a few days painting the paneling, doors and trim. I used a stain-kill primer and then painted three coats of white paint.

Here are some before photos.

012 013 017

   003 004

Here are some after photos. We still have to get the electrical wires removed the wall frame and then it can be completely taken out. I think that will make a big difference in opening up the space. Once the pot lights are in as well it will just brighten up so much more.

216 210

Can you see our school room in the background? I’m so excited to share that area with you next week!

 212  214 215

We used shelves that we already had in the girls’ rooms and added some bins to them. I have plans to spice them up a bit and to add tags that will hopefully help CP & NP remember what gets put away where and of course where to find things!

I am so happy that we have this space. The girls have spent more time in the basement over the last month than they have…well…ever. I still have some more organizing to do and want to add some more wall decorations, but in the meantime I am really loving it!

Here are a couple of the same photos, but side-by-side.

- Wendy -