Monday, 23 July 2012

Ruler Name Plate

042 I have 3 days of work left (with the possibility of some training over the next few weeks) and then after a couple of weeks of holidays I am officially done working out of the home. I have been at my current workplace for 4 1/2 years, but we have decided to homeschool our girls this fall. I thought I would like to have all of August off to get our space ready for schooling and also gather our curriculum. It will also be nice to be off during harvest to help out where needed and to provide some good meals in the field.

My youngest brother made me a customized routered wooden name plate in high school. It has followed me through my working days and has always received high praise. When my co-worker started working with me (we job share) she decided it would be nice to have a name plate for herself to place on the desk on the days when she works and I’m not there. She quickly printed something off of Word, laminated it and stuck it in a metal name plate holder. Nothing fancy. Fast forward to my departure…I thought it would be a nice parting gift to leave her with her own customized name plate.

I took a look on Pinterest to see what type of name plates would fit the bill for a DIY project. I really liked this Scrabble inspired name plate and loved how the ruler was incorporated.

The girls and I were off to do our grocery shopping on Friday so we stopped at two thrift stores to see if we could find an old Scrabble game. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any success, but we did leave with three old wooden rulers for the whopping price of $0.30 (yep, a dime each). I let my imagination take me away and came up with a plan to fashion a name plate with the rulers.


That evening I asked DP if he could cut the flat ruler in half and one of the others to approximately 8 inches. He placed them in a vice and used a hacksaw to cut them to the desired lengths. The edges were a little rough so he used the grinding wheel to sand them down.

021 022

I brought them into the house and glued the two flat ruler pieces together so that the numbers would be on the outer edges and the blank areas together. This would be ideal for the name plate piece. The 4 inch piece of ruler that was left from the other cut was glued to the back of the name plate to act as additional reinforcement.

  024 025  027 028023 029


Once the glue had dried, I took some adhesive letters that I had on hand, cut the required letters out and stuck them to the name plate. I painted each letter with DecoArt black paint. I removed the stickers once the paint was dry. I wanted to rough the name up a bit so grabbed my sand block and took a bit of the paint off.

 030 031 032 033035


The groove (or pencil holder) in the 8 inch piece of ruler worked to provide a great base or stand for the name plate. I glued both pieces together and have a cool looking name plate that was easy and cost almost nothing. I will be giving it to Rae on Tuesday and I hope she likes it!

 036 038039   041 042

My girls would now like to have one each for our homeschool area with their names! Back to the thrift store to find more wooden rulers!

Total cost of this project: $0.20!!

2 Rulers - $0.20 at a local thrift store

Adhesive letters, paint, paint brush, sanding block, glue – Free as I had them all on hand!


  1. You're unstoppable! I am running out of superlatives because I love everything that you've made! I have been on the hunt for vintage rulers/yardsticks/whatever for ages and this is such a fun way to use a small collection. I dream of being able to cover an entire surface with rulers that I didn't age myself.

    I'm sure your friend was very excited to receive such a lovely personalized gift from you. Enjoy the last few days with your colleagues, Wendy :)

  2. P.S. The new photo of you looks great! Have you been growing out your hair for a while?

  3. I'm back again! So excited to see that Shannon included this awesome DIY in her Link Party wrap up :) Yay for you!


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