Monday, 16 July 2012

Pool Noodle Banner

Awhile back I was checking out pins on Claire’s Pinterest board when I saw this cute pool noodle garland pinned from Dollar Store Mom.

I originally thought that it would be easy and a fun addition to our deck. After our first weekend out camping, I realized that this would actually be perfect for hanging on the camper awning! I also thought it would be fun to work on it when we were camping.

Knowing that we were heading to the campground on the weekend, I made a quick stop at Dollarama to pick up three pool noodles. I packed these in the camper along with some twine. I thought about using blue baler twine which would’ve been fun, but I didn’t have time to find any as the kids were already waiting in the vehicle to go.  


I cut each of the pool noodles into a gazillion pieces. I just used a steak knife and after slicing the table cloth realized that using a cutting board would be a brilliant idea (wow, I wish sarcasm could be portrayed easier in writing)!
036  029 030 032

I tried to string the noodles on the twine because I also hadn’t had time to find a needle, but I quickly realized that threading the noodle pieces with a needle would look a lot better. I put this project on the backburner and then stopped at the dollar store to pick up needles the next day I was at work. 

A couple days later, back at the campsite, I tried to thread the twine through the needle and partially succeeded. Even using a needle with a large eye didn’t allow for the thick twine to thread through the entire way. I decided I would use some scotch tape and wrap it around the twine and needle a couple of times and it worked like a charm. I started threading the noodle flowers onto the twine and then had to break to head out for a walk with the girls on Bluebird (commonly referred to by CP as Blue Jay) Trail. I had some more flowers to add to the twine and finished that the next day we were at the camper. 

005  008
003 002

We strung it up on the awning and had a fun, colourful addition to our campsite!
 021 027 023 024 019 016

Here’s a little visitor we had who enjoyed sunflower seeds! The girls and I first noticed him when we looked out the window and saw he was sitting on top of the toy barn enjoying a seed! I wish I had the camera handy to snap that photo!

029 028


  1. I love it!! you have absolutely made my day! you were so smart to use the tape to help with the threading.

    Thanks so much for sharing your project with me!

  2. What?? So cool! Thanks Wendy!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm glad you found the blog!! Did you check out all the cakes? I hope I gave you some inspiration to start your own blog! :) Let's get together real soon!

  3. This is absolutely adorable, Wendy! I bet you have the prettiest trailer at the park! I bought a pool noodle the other day to use as a wreath form but it's not scalloped so it won't look like flowers. I kept searching for pool noodles at Dollarama and never found them there. We need some for the lake at the cottage so I'll keep hunting - they should get marked down soon. I look at these and see a fun stamp for your girls, too :)

    Hope you had lovely camping weather this weekend!

    Claire :)

    P.S. Camping in a trailer is the only kind of camping for me!

    P.P.S. That email isn't invisible . . . I got side-tracked and now I'm entertaining in-laws for a few days.


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