Wednesday, 18 July 2012

i spy game.

071I was busy pretty much all day working on a Family Tree, which I will post about on Friday so today we have a truly wonderful special guest post! The guest is none other than my 7-year-old daughter, CP! Her and her younger sister came up with a fun game for me to play, took photos of it (check out the cool editing CP did to the photos) and then CP decided to do the post! Enjoy….

Here is a fun game for you to try this summer. Find a tree then get some stuff like toys or magnets and then hide them in a tree and then you get someone from your family to try to find all the stuff! One person has to tell you what to find or write it on a piece of paper.  Find a smaller tree so the kids can reach the branches to put stuff on them.

Thanks CP for this terrific idea!

071 048 Front of I Spy Tree



050 052 053 baby Hadley

054 Back of I Spy Tree

055 056 057 058 Chelsea



061 062 063 064 068 069 070


  1. Wow, dolls have changed a lot from the ones that I played with when I was little! Does baby Hadley have a fauxhawk? ;)

    The photo editing is so cute and totally what I would have done to photos when I was little. My computer experience at CP's age was Print Shop and a dot matrix printer making my first "Claire Cards" . . . and Frogger!

    Think of the media literacy that you're already sneaking in with your blog this summer! She'll be so computer savvy she'll be when she's older!

    I love how involved they are getting in your creative outlet :)

  2. Oops! She'll be so computer savvy when she's older! (Originally I had "just think how").

    I hate making comment typos.


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