Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day!

073 Happy Canada Day & an early Happy 4th of July to you folks south of the border!
I have been busy spending time with the family this weekend so have no projects to share just yet. I have been taking a lot of photos so wanted to share some with you.
Our canola just started flowering this week so we have a gorgeous field of yellow to admire from our dining room & deck. The crop duster was here to spray at 7am (we’d already been up for 1/2 hour by then!).

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Friday afternoon we were sitting outside and noticed a robin fly into a tree close to where we were sitting and then realized it was at its nest feeding its babies! It was so neat to see the babies heads especially since it’s at least 15 feet up in the tree.
These are some photos of our yard taken on Wednesday evening.
 035 039 040 042 046 048
CP trying to feed some grass to her cow, Penny.
CP’s calf – Pat, NP’s cow – Barn & calf Billy and a visiting bull.
Our dog, Lacy.
 061055 058
Yesterday we stopped by my parents and got these great photos (have I mentioned how much I love my camera!). Their house is surrounded on three sides by a canola field.
031 020 021 024 025 026 028 029
It was very warm when we were there so only saw one hummingbird as opposed to the normal dozen or so that are buzzing about. I also managed to get this shot of the hummingbird with a bee.
034 033
I hope you all enjoy a fun & safe holiday!!

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  1. What a beautiful glimpse into your neck of the woods on Canada Day! What a completely different view you have out your window :)

    Your photos are stunning! I was telling my Mom about your zoomed in canola and hummingbird photos and will have to share them with her when my parents come for a Canada Day/Father's Day dinner tonight.

    What kind of camera do you use for your photos? Is it just a hobby or have you taken some photography lessons because they are fantastic! I'm hoping to borrow one of my Dad's fancy cameras this summer to give some photography a try.

    Happy Canada Day to all the Ps! (I only just figured out what CP and NP meant - silly me!)


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