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Family Tree

051I have to apologize as I had great intentions of having this post completed Friday, but I was missing some information so I needed another day!

My mom’s family reunion is coming up in August and I had mentioned to her that I had seen some great family tree ideas on Pinterest. I explained a few of them to her and she asked if I would be interested in making one for the upcoming reunion. I thought it would be fun to try out and jumped at the chance.

The initial tree that I was interested in was this one from Gardners 2 Bergers.

After I searched for it again on Pinterest I discovered this one and just loved it.

71 Toes

I decided that this was the one I was going to make.

I stopped in to Love is in the Details and Lori helped me pick out some great paper to use for the trunk and leaves. I started working on this project on Wednesday and have to admit everything else got put on the backburner as this took quite awhile to get the majority completed. I kind of forgot how large our extended family was until I started drawing the trunk and cutting out leaves!

I took two pieces of ledger paper and taped them together on the backside to use for my trunk template. I had a 9 x 16 canvas on hand so made sure the template was the same width size. I would have liked to use a frame such as the one shown above, but the one I had here was too small and I wanted to get to work so the canvas won out.


I drew the trunk out showing the roots as my grandparents and each of the main branches as my mom and her siblings. Then off of each of the siblings were smaller branches to show their children and further yet for grandchildren and even some great grandchildren (which would be great-great grandchildren to my grandparents who, unfortunately, passed away many years ago.).



After the template was complete I cut it out and traced it onto the brown paper. I cut that out and had the trunk which I then glued to the canvas.



I got working on the leaves which there were 60+. I made my original design on a scrap piece of paper and cut it out for a template. I proceeded to trace the leaves and cut them using the cutting mat and knife. This took quite a bit of time and my finger was very sore from pressing so hard. I would cut some out and take a break and then get back to it. I arranged the leaves on the trunk and began writing each individual’s first name and birth year. Once the names were on the leaves I glued them on their appropriate location of the tree. 080



Did you notice that I had to extend one of the tree branches from original template? I thought I would have enough space, but once I added the leaves I realized that it wasn’t quite long enough. It actually filled out the canvas better with the branch extension!

002     007    054 

I had to wait for a few more details so decided that the canvas needed to look slightly aged. I got out the Tim Holtz ink pad and went around the perimeter of the canvas with it. After all the leaves and names were adhered I brushed on a coat of Mod Podge.





I am bringing this over to my mom today and I hope she likes it! I think it’s a fun way to show off all of the branches of your family. It was quite a bit of work, but well worth it!

 064 065 066

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  1. That looks incredible, Wendy! The paper that you chose for the trunk and leaves is perfect! It has so much texture and makes so much impact. My sister-in-law does a lot of scrapbooking with BoBunny paper but I have never seen it for sale anywhere. I caved and bought more paper from HomeSense the other day (don't tell Matt!) that I can't wait to use! It's BasicGrey paper and it's lovely :)

    Which branch is your immediate family on the tree?

    It sounds like this was a very inexpensive project made with lots of love! I'm sure your Mom was absolutely thrilled to see her "roots" displayed in such a thoughtful way.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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