Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Post-it Note Holder

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s th054e first day of summer! Spring just flew by. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and was blessed with beautiful weather (or at the very least were able to see the sunshine at least once!). I spent the day with NP and we had a fabulous time working on projects together, going to the “Movie Theatre” (our living room) to watch Tinker Bell & pig out on popcorn and watching her dance in the rain and splash in the puddles. It was priceless watching her. DP & CP are having a father/daughter night watching the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play football. CP really loves her daddy time! 

I came across these cute post-it note holders on Pinterest while looking for teacher’s gift ideas. 

I had them in mind when I completed these gifts.

I realized after I already the others completed that I also needed a gift the educational assistant in CP’s room as well as our bus driver. The post-it note holder popped into my head as I already had the supplies on hand and thought they would make cute and functional gifts.

I took a look for these plastic type of photo frames at Dollarama back before I did the teacher’s gifts, but decided to go with wood when I couldn’t find any. After I started the project with the wood pieces (which I am super glad I also did because they turned out great and are another unique gift) I remembered that at one time I had some of these plastic frames. I went to the basement and took a look in a drawer on the entertainment centre and there I found two! 

I also had scrapbook paper left from from my previous project so decided which pieces to use and cut them to fit the frames. The one piece of paper was a little short for the frame so I cut a piece from another sheet and glued it to the bottom to give it a border and gain the length that was needed. 
037041   044 045

The paper in the large frame seemed to hang down at the top end, but I didn’t want to glue it in place as the paper can be reversed, if desired, for a different look. I have a bag filled with items for future projects and went searching in it for ribbon that could be tied around the frame to hold the picture up and add a little more interest to the frame. 

I came across this ribbon which actually came on a gift I received after performing a wedding ceremony (yep, something else I dabbled in was being a Marriage Commissioner for a few years - I really am a jack of all trades!). I thought it went well with the colours in the paper so tied it around the top of the frame and used a simple knot to secure it.
 051   048

I purchased a package of three post-it notes from Dollarama. I removed the back from one pad of paper and stuck it to the frame. I tried doing this on the wood post-it note holder, but they wouldn’t stick (I think because of the glossiness of the mod podge finish) so we went to the bulldog clip which I think was a better fit anyway and made the piece more flexible. On these frames the post-it’s stuck very well.
052 053 054  056 057

Another fun and easy gift for a teacher, bus driver or yourself!

Total cost of this project: $1.00 plus tax
Plastic picture frames – Free as I had them on hand
Scrapbook paper – Free as I had this on hand too!
Ribbon – Free - Yep, you guessed it: I had this on hand too!
Post-it notes - $1.00 plus tax from Dollarama

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