Sunday, 3 June 2012

Photo Holder

I made these photo holders to go along with the other photo / recipe / post it holders that we gave NP's nursery school teachers for an end of year gift. You will notice that this tutorial follows the one for the other holders for quite a few of the steps.

I began by choosing some wood pieces out of the wood shed. DP cut them for me and I sanded them. I then sprayed them with a coat of Krylon Ivory. After this was dry I used Krylon Cherry Red for two coats. 

Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the other "wood" that I used for the top piece of the holder. I say "wood" because I actually don't know what this material is made of. We used it for the back of a book shelf and this was leftover from that project. I think it is something similar to a paneling or wainscoting. I would suggest using something very thin that you can paint and adhere to your base piece of wood. I cut it to size (all by myself - yippee!) and then painted with Krylon Ivory). 
After the base wood piece was dry I sanded the edges and corners with my electric sander. 

I took the top piece and glued it to the base wood with tacky glue. This should be left to dry at least over night.

I measured to the middle of the top piece and then DP inserted a screw threw the bulldog clip to attach it to the boards. I had thought about putting upholstery tacks in the corners of the top piece, but changed my mind the night before giving them to the teachers! I think this another fun piece and something that you can easily personalize. 

Sorry these photos are not the best. I was in a rush while taking them and it shows!


  1. Love these, Wendy! My favourite gifts from students have always been the handmade ones. So much more special and memorable than a candle! I have a folder filled with cards and drawings from my previous students and as I walk around my house I have a plant from just about every year of teaching.

    Looking forward to what you have to share on Wednesday ;)

  2. Hmmm . . . I thought I commented on these already, but I don't see it?

    I think something like this in chartreuse green would be perfect in my kitchen for holding a recipe. Digital photos have kind of done me in. I rarely get anything printed anymore, but I also don't have kids to display. This would be fun to hold a printable, too!

    Hope the first week of your girls' summer is going well :)


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