Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Easter Eggs in June

Well it seems kind of crazy to be posting about Easter eggs in June, but my daughters really wanted me to include this post! These eggs are so versatile that they don't have to be just for Easter; perhaps they would make a fun summer craft as well!

One of my favourite magazines is Disney Family Fun. I LOVE it and cannot wait for it to arrive in the mail 10 times a year! They do have a website, but I'm still one of those people that like to have an actual magazine or a book in my hands. I find fun, easy crafts and ideas in every magazine I receive. I'm sure many of the crafts I post on this site will have originated from this magazine and that includes this one. 
We started off with steaming our eggs until they were hard-boiled. You can also boil your eggs if you prefer. After letting the eggs cool we got to work colouring them. We filled small containers with water, added a few drops of food colouring into each as well as a small amount of vinegar, which I believe helps the colours to be more vibrant. 

We dipped our eggs into each of the colours until the girls decided they looked beautiful. 

CP decided to help these eggs dry with the blow dryer!


Next it was time to get started on our hats. I followed the directions from the magazine to come up with these cute hats. I made the hats, but the girls drew the faces on and placed the hats on the top of the eggs.

CP did a fabulous job taking this photo!

I think these eggs are super cute and the hats really brought them to life! We kept the hats to use again next year and will likely add more to gang!

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