Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

I had wandered through the thrift store many times and not realized the potential for so many cast-away items. It wasn't until I started my blogging addiction that I came to look at items differently. Where I once once would have dismissed a less-than beautiful looking lamp complete with hideous lamp shade and red light bulb (yes, I said RED light bulb - I don't even want to know where this lamp was in its previous life!), I now saw what could be a perfect fit in our home. I find I now look for the potential in everything! My mom thinks I like "junk" just like my dad who also sees the potential in a pile of scrap!

I purchased this lamp at a local thrift store and as I mentioned it came with a quite hideous lampshade and red light bulb. I wish I had a photo of it in that condition to give you the full idea of this transformation, but I had decided to leave the lamp shade at the thrift store as I knew that I would just discard it once I arrived at home. I love the shape of this lamp and realized all it would take was a couple coats of spray paint and an updated shade to give it new life.

At home, I taped around the cord and where the light bulb screws in (I'm at a loss for what that is called at this moment...receptacle..not sure!) so that I wouldn't paint those areas as well as the lamp base. I worked in a well-ventilated area (our shop - notice the tractor tire in the background). I then sprayed a light coat of Rustoleum White Primer & Paint Satin Finish and let it dry. I actually had to bring the lamp inside the house for awhile to dry as the outside temperature was a little too cool and our shop is not heated. I then applied another coat of paint and let it dry before removing the tape. 

I purchased this lamp shade from Walmart for $9.99. I had hoped for a drum-style shade, but they didn't have any in the correct size and we have fairly limited shopping choices in the towns close to where we live. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on one.

I am so happy with the way this lamp turned out. You would never know it didn't start out looking this way. I've been looking at new lamps for quite awhile and was never wanting to spend much money or wasn't thrilled with the ones I found. We had cheap Ikea lamps that were supposed to be an inexpensive filler until we found the right ones to fit our space. That temporary fix lasted about 7 years! I'll write soon about the other table lamp. As you can see our walls are bare and I have great ideas for them, just have to get at it!

Total cost of this project was approximately $24

Lamp from thrift store - $4
Rustoleum Spray Paint - $9
Lamp shade from Walmart - $9.99
Tape we had on hand

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