Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pantry Organization

Spring cleaning is not usually a word that is in my vocabulary. Spring is busy time on our farm - preparing the land and seeding this year's crop, getting the vegetable and flower gardens ready and then planting them, mowing the wide expanse of lawn, enjoying the outdoors and watching everything come to life after a long winter.

What am I trying to say? Well, I'm either just making excuses or I'm actually too busy to worry about spring cleaning. This year has been a bit different in the fact that I am motivated to do new projects or ones that were kind of forgotten about. 

I had seen some pantry organizations on link parties and then opened my pantry one day to a complete disaster. I then realized it was time to get my butt in gear and do some pantry organizing!

Wow, I forgot how messy the pantry was until just now! I am going to take a look at this picture every so often as a reminder of how I DON'T want it to look again! Yikes....

NP & I got to work and cleared everything out of the pantry. She helped me for quite awhile before Barbies started calling to her and off she went! I continued on as this was a project I didn't want to see half-completed. I moved all the small appliances to the right side side of the shelving and the food to the left.  

I had read about using scrap pieces of wood to add additional shelving in the pantry. I had measured some 2 x 4's incorrectly and had DP cut them to that size before realizing the error so I figured this was the perfect way to use those up. As you can see, I left them unfinished. They are a great way to see the items on the back of the shelf.

DP had bought these clips at least a year ago and we hadn't gotten around to putting them up. It's nice to know that the broom won't get knocked down on my head again! The part that is kind of comical is that I actually rarely use the broom, I always vacuum my floor!

My mother-in-law made me this plastic bag holder a long time ago and it hadn't been used for quite some time. Even though I am the "no-bag" lady, we still acquire some plastic bags from my mother-in-law for certain disposal items.

We bought this turn table many, many years ago at Ikea. I thought it could bring life to this corner shelf. I added some of my scrap blocks to allow for a pyramid type canned-goods structure.

I would like to make some labels for my storage containers and also start using canning / mason jars for other storage. I love the look of them!

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