Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Numbered Canvas

One of the first pieces of artwork I decided to try to create myself was a Numbered Canvas - a Pottery Barn knock-off. I thought this would be a great addition to the hallway outside the "girls" bathroom. I can see it from our bedroom and like to admire it from there as well.


I originally saw this project on aka designs (can you tell that I love their blog and everything on it!). 


I followed the DIY steps on their website, but made a couple of small changes. I purchased 4 white canvases from Dollarama (I think they were the 9x12 size...sorry I can't remember!). I painted them with DecoArt Black paint. Using my Microsoft Works word processor, I typed the numbers 1 through 9 in various sizes and fonts. I then printed them and cut them out. After the paint was dry, I placed the 4 canvases together and positioned the numbers on them, using aka design's photo as my reference. 

Once I had the numbers positioned, I traced them with a pencil. 

I mixed DecoArt Buttermilk paint with a couple of drops of DecoArt Light Antique White and then painted the numbers. 

After allowing the paint to dry, I mixed DecoArt Glazing Medium with a couple drops of DecoArt Burnt Sienna paint. I covered the entire canvas with the glaze mixture. As was mentioned in the aka design post, the glaze will appear to have a blue tint when it is applied, but it will dry clear!

I took a sanding block and lightly sanded the entire surface. DP & I then used our staple gun and stapled the back of the four canvases together. We wondered afterwards if we should have stapled them before painting the numbers on. I also found the piece to be a little flimsy once put together. I'm not sure what could make it more stable (any suggestions?), but once up on the wall it has stayed together quite nicely.

I used four 3M velcro wall hangers and attached them to the wall and canvas as per the package instructions. And there you have it! 

The total cost for this project was approximately $17.00
  • 4 Dollarama canvases - $5
  • DecoArt Black & Light Antique White Paint from Dollarama - $2
  • DecoArt Glazing Medium - $2.59
  • DecoArt Burnt Sienna paint - $1.89
  • Sanding block - $1.50
  • 3M velcro wall hangers - $3.50
  • Numbers to trace - Free
  • Staple gun & staples we had on hand

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