Monday, 14 May 2012

Laundry Room Signs

I really like all of the great laundry rooms out there. Unfortunately, my space isn't really decorating-worthy. My mom's laundry room did have some available wall space so I thought she might like some wall art. This was actually her Mother's Day gift and she seemed to really like it. I forgot to bring my camera with me to take a picture of the art up on the wall, but will post one soon.

The first items I made were these fun printables. I found these here.

I purchased the hangers at the local thrift store for $0.25 each. I used the templates provided on the original tutorial and printed them on card stock that I purchased at Dollarama. If you would like copies of the templates, please let me know and I will email them to you.

After I printed the templates, I placed them in the hangers and that was that project completed! I am now keeping my eyes open for another set of hangers as my mother-in-law would also like a set!

The second item I made was this laundry room sign. I love the way it turned out! The inspiration for this can be found here.

I started with a piece of wood that I found tucked away in our basement storage room. I painted it black with DecoArt acrylic craft paint.

I had a little help from NP - can you see the brushstrokes going in the opposite direction?! After the black paint dried I applied a coat of DecoArt Weathered Wood - Crackling Medium.

The crackling medium requires at least an hour of drying time. After it was dry, I applied a light coat of DecoArt Light Antique White.

A couple days after I painted the board, I printed out the words "The Laundry Room" using Nyala font and Edwardian Script ITC for "Loads of Fun." I cut the paper down to make it easier to work with.

I positioned the wording on the board. 

In preparation to transfer the wording onto the board, I took a pencil and marked the back of the paper. You should shade the paper DARKLY. I found this out the hard way when my wording didn't show up very well on the wood.

I repositioned my wording and taped it with painters tape to make sure it wouldn't move around while I was working. I traced over the lettering with my pencil, pressing quite hard.

You can see the image transfer below. It would have been a lot darker had I originally shaded the back of the paper darker. 

I continued to transfer the rest of the wording. 

Once the transfer was complete, I took an Elmer's paint pen and outlined all the wording. I then filled the wording using the DecoArt black paint on "The Laundry Room" and  because I need to invest in a good paint brush used the paint pen on the "Loads of Fun". 

Using free-hand I added a scroll-type fancy thing on the right-hand side of the board. I needed something in the lower left-hand corner and loved the bird on my Kleenex box. I traced it and transferred it onto the board. CP helped me with the tail, which didn't turn out quite right in the transfer. She is quite an artist!

I took this piece outside and sanded it well, concentrating on the edges and corners.

I put all the artwork together and gave it to my mom for Mother's Day. She was really happy with it. I had to laugh to myself thinking that after all these years here I was giving my mom handmade art for Mother's Day! I forgot to bring my camera to her house to get a photo with these positioned on the wall, but will post one soon.


  1. Love your project and your blog name is super cute too. Here from Too Much Time, your latest follower :) Tanya

  2. Your signs turned out great! It was fun to see this post and know that I had inspired someone else :)

    'a casarella

  3. "Loads of Fun" I spit my coffee out laughing when I read that :) Your signs look great!

  4. great post here about laundry room signs. thanks for sharing. could you please send me the three templates for printing on my cardstock. my email is thank you so much. I have some old hangers like that and I cant wait to hang this in my laundry room. Blessings. Nancy

  5. Would love the three templates emailed to me. I am in the process of enhancing my laundry room now and wanna use these signs with burlap backing hanging from the wooden hangers. So excited! Thanks, Bonny

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  6. I would like the templates, too!



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