Sunday, 27 May 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Check out these cool things we found while hitting 16 garage sales yesterday during the annual town-wide garage sale in our local town. There were a lot of great items and it's so hard to decide what you can really use so that it doesn't end up in your own sale the next year!

It was a great morning to spend as a family. We tucked the girls into the bike stroller and walked all over town. We also realized it was the first year DP has been able to come with us as we are usually in the middle of seeding. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you have had a chance to get out and enjoy some garage-sales!

We found this children's chair at our first stop and picked it up for $5.00. It is really sturdy and will be a great addition to our playroom.
I picked up these Converse shoes for myself for $1.00. Check out the soles - I don't think they were worn very often! I have a pair of slip on Converse shoes (if I hear "You lost your laces!" one more time I may just snap!) that I love so am super happy to have another pair to add to the collection!

This is a vase from Blue Mountain Pottery (Ontario) that we purchased for $1.00. Apparently their pieces were very popular in the 70's and many ladies we walked past while holding this vase knew exactly what type of pottery it was and mentioned that they had some at one time or still do. I love the colours and the lines of the piece!

We got two of these cabinet doors for $0.25 each. I thought they would be perfect for future projects - signs...more subway art???

 What have you picked up at a garage sale that you are excited about?

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