Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fabric Artwork

I have been busy working on various projects this week (stay tuned!) on of which was this Fabric Artwork that has been on my list for quite some time. I love the simplicity of it and it adds a little something above the closet in our entrance.
I found the inspiration for this project from {aka} design (you already know I love their site!).  

{aka} design       
I did tweak the design to work with supplies that I could find so it is a little bit different from their tutorial. 

The first thing I did was check out the great fabric samples available at Tonic Living which is where {aka} design had ordered their samples from. I ordered 4 swatches although I knew I would only be using 3 (I couldn't make up my mind!). It didn't take long for them to arrive in the mail. I wasn't sure what size to expect, but they were all close to the 8.5 x 11 size (one was smaller but it was a remnant). 

I wanted to put them on a 6 x 6 canvas, but couldn't find any plain white ones at the couple Dollarama stores I visited. They had smaller canvases that were flat in style, but I was being picky and wanted the pictures to stand out a bit on the wall. I put my thinking cap on and decided to buy a piece of foam board and cut it to size.

I used a 6 x6 canvas that my daughter has to measure the foam board (I traced it). I realized that one piece of foam board wasn't going to give me the desired thickness so I just doubled them up (one on top of the other). I used an exacto knife to cut along the lines I had drawn (make sure you have another surface under the foam board - I used a cutting board). 

Once I had all my foam board pieces cut out I ironed the fabric swatches. I then placed a swatch with the print side down on the table, positioned 2 stacked foam board pieces on the swatch and folded the fabric edges over like you were wrapping a present. Instead of stapling the fabric, I used painters tape and taped the fabric to the foam board. I continued with this until all three pictures were done. 

I placed some sticky tack to the back of the artwork and stuck them onto the wall above the closet doors in our entrance. 

I'm very happy with the way they turned out. They just add a little something to this area and I am pleased to say that my mom noticed them right away when my folks were over yesterday!

Cost of project

Fabric swatches - approximately $5.00
Foam board - $1.50
Tape / sticky tack / exacto knife - free as I had them on hand

Total cost - $6.50

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  1. Oh my goodness, Wendy! This project was what originally led me to {aka} Design's site and it hooked me! I can remember going back through all of their old posts after coming across this gem.

    I did the same thing as you - placed an order through Tonic Living (I even ordered the same dandelion fabric swatch) but was disappointed to discover how small they were. I had wanted to do the same covered canvases but nothing was big enough. Great idea to use another of my crafty favourites - foam core - to get the job done!

    For some reason I have great trouble actually hanging things on our walls. We have lived here almost 4 years and I've probably only hung about about 5 things on a nail or hook that was from us and not leftover from the previous owners. It's time to start making our own nail holes!

    We have very similar taste in decor projects - it's crazy!


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