Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cheery Coffee Filter Banner

When I first started venturing out into blog land I came across a fun idea to do with the kids. As I mentioned, I love doing crafts and this looked fun and easy. Unfortunately, I didn't save the source. If you know of it or find it please let me know so that I can give credit where it is due. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Teachers Gifts

I can hardly believe that the end of the school year is upon us! NP is finishing up Nursery School this Friday and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. 

I checked out some great teacher gift ideas on Pinterest and came up with these fun holders that can be used as a photo, recipe or post-it note holder. 

When we were coming up with a name for the blog, my 7-year-old daughter came up with the name "Hearts & Crafts". I thought it was brilliant but figured that someone else must have come up with that one already. I did think it would be a great name for a page/tab within the blog. CP has been asking me for quite some time when I was going to post something to that page so this week that is what we are focusing on. I hope you enjoy the first of many posts to come (I love doing crafts!) on HEARTS & CRAFTS!

Garage Sale Finds

Check out these cool things we found while hitting 16 garage sales yesterday during the annual town-wide garage sale in our local town. There were a lot of great items and it's so hard to decide what you can really use so that it doesn't end up in your own sale the next year!

It was a great morning to spend as a family. We tucked the girls into the bike stroller and walked all over town. We also realized it was the first year DP has been able to come with us as we are usually in the middle of seeding. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you have had a chance to get out and enjoy some garage-sales!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fabric Artwork

I have been busy working on various projects this week (stay tuned!) on of which was this Fabric Artwork that has been on my list for quite some time. I love the simplicity of it and it adds a little something above the closet in our entrance.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Last Name Artwork

Check out this easy and fun DIY Last Name Artwork.

Subway Art

Have you seen the Subway Art that is floating all around these days? I really like the looks of it so thought it would complement our gallery wall and give it just the right finishing touch.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lamp Refinish

This lamp has been hanging around in our basement since we moved in almost 8 years ago. I'm not sure if it had the shade or if we got rid of it on one of our "purges". When I picked up the thrift store makeover lamp  I remembered that I had this lamp sitting downstairs and thought it would make a great addition to our living room. I had originally planned on spray painting the entire thing white at the same time as the thrift store lamp, but when I brought it up to clean it I realized that the paint was on the inside of the glass and that it was chipping away. I have seen a lot of glass lamps around so I was very excited at the prospect of having my own!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Laundry Room Signs

I really like all of the great laundry rooms out there. Unfortunately, my space isn't really decorating-worthy. My mom's laundry room did have some available wall space so I thought she might like some wall art. This was actually her Mother's Day gift and she seemed to really like it. I forgot to bring my camera with me to take a picture of the art up on the wall, but will post one soon.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms, mommies, mamas out there! I hope that you all have a wonderful and relaxing day!

I thought I would share a few photos today and why I love this time of the year. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Rainbow Cake / Cupcakes

Have you ever watched the TV show Best Recipes Ever? I don't watch too much daytime TV, but have seen this program a few times. The one show I did watch was about easy birthday party ideas. They made a rainbow cake that I thought was fabulous and tucked it away in my mind to make for one of my girls' birthdays. 

Frozen Buttercream Transfer

You may have been wondering (or maybe not!) how I make the characters that are on the birthday cakes. My friend Michelle originally told me how to do one and I also looked on CakeCentral.com. If you are looking for cake inspiration this is the place to look - they have everything! 

I, unfortunately, don't have a lot of pictures to show the steps, but have included a link to the instructions on CakeCentral here. You may want to check out their site's images so that my instructions make more sense. I have found it a bit challenging when trying to do more detailed images - ie. Belle's face, but I think that with each one I do I find a way to improve.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wilton Class Buttercream

I also received this recipe from Michelle. I use this for the Buttercream Transfers and for any decorating I do on the cake (stars, borders). It has a stiff consistency and yields approximately 3 cups.

I will usually cut this recipe in half and have some leftover after my decorating is done.

 **Just a note that I use Wilton Concentrated Gel colours not food colouring. The gels won't affect the consistency of your icing and add a more vibrant colour while using smaller amounts of gel. I have purchased a box that holds 10 'pots' of colour and you can also purchase boxes specific to a certain character who's colour you are trying to achieve (ie. Tinkerbell). Have fun & get creative! 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Michelle's Super Icing

I got this icing recipe from my good friend Michelle who is a very talented cake-decorator. She has been very helpful to me and I know that if I ever have a question or problem (to do with cakes or anything else) I can always give her a call.

This recipe is great for frosting cakes or cupcakes and it does not crust. I usually use it for my base layer and then do the Buttercream Transfer (will post on this later) with, as the name suggests, Wilton Class ButterCream frosting.

I find that I have plenty of icing for a 9 x 13 sheet cake after I have divided the recipe in half.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dreamy Frosting

I received this recipe from my mother-in-law. It is light, easy to work with and very yummy! You can tailor this recipe to fit whatever pudding flavour you are craving! Just remember that this frosting needs to be refrigerated, both while waiting to decorate and after your cake/cupcakes have been decorated. 

Chocolate Cake

Over the next few days, I am going to share some recipes / how-to's for my cake decorating.

This chocolate cake recipe is my favourite to use when making my girls' birthday cakes. It is dense, rises very well and is super delicious! My Aunty Barb started bringing this to my Grandma's farm to help feed a house-full and it quickly became my Uncle Rock's favourite. It must be a great recipe as it was entered into our Spencer Centennial Cookbook not only once, but twice! I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My first Link Party!!

Well I did it...I just posted to my first Link Party. I can't believe how nervous I am! I have all these thoughts running through my mind right now..."What if no one visits my blog?".."What if people think my blog is awful?"..."What if my blog remains without comments forever?"..."Should I eat those chips that are in the pantry?"...Oh wait that doesn't have anything to do with this blog!

Thanks to {aka} design for all the inspiration they have provided me and for letting us fellow bloggers post to your site! Make sure you check their site out here- it's fabulous!

Thank you if you are visiting my blog! I appreciate you taking a look and please check back again soon as I will be posting more goodies and hopefully figure out how to add things to the different pages/tabs.


Pantry Organization

Spring cleaning is not usually a word that is in my vocabulary. Spring is busy time on our farm - preparing the land and seeding this year's crop, getting the vegetable and flower gardens ready and then planting them, mowing the wide expanse of lawn, enjoying the outdoors and watching everything come to life after a long winter.

What am I trying to say? Well, I'm either just making excuses or I'm actually too busy to worry about spring cleaning. This year has been a bit different in the fact that I am motivated to do new projects or ones that were kind of forgotten about. 

I had seen some pantry organizations on link parties and then opened my pantry one day to a complete disaster. I then realized it was time to get my butt in gear and do some pantry organizing!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

I had wandered through the thrift store many times and not realized the potential for so many cast-away items. It wasn't until I started my blogging addiction that I came to look at items differently. Where I once once would have dismissed a less-than beautiful looking lamp complete with hideous lamp shade and red light bulb (yes, I said RED light bulb - I don't even want to know where this lamp was in its previous life!), I now saw what could be a perfect fit in our home. I find I now look for the potential in everything! My mom thinks I like "junk" just like my dad who also sees the potential in a pile of scrap!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Numbered Canvas

One of the first pieces of artwork I decided to try to create myself was a Numbered Canvas - a Pottery Barn knock-off. I thought this would be a great addition to the hallway outside the "girls" bathroom. I can see it from our bedroom and like to admire it from there as well.