Sunday, 29 April 2012

DIY Growth Chart

I have been wanting to find a new place to take measurements of our girls. The location we previously used was painted over during our renovations, but not before transferring all the measurements to a piece of masking tape. The masking tape is now covered by the closet trim, but is there if we ever want to look back at it. 

I had seen this growth chart on a link party and loved it.

I decided that I would use some of our reclaimed wind fence to make one for our house!
The first step was to choose our board and DP cut it to size. I wanted it to be 6 feet long so that the bottom of the board would be 1 foot from the floor and the top of the board 1 foot from the ceiling.

I measured the board with a measuring tape and marked with a white pencil crayon in 6 inch increments. I used a square to draw the straight lines. It's hard to see in the picture above, but the lines have been drawn. I then covered my white lines with tape, making sure to put the tape on each side of the 6 inch stripes and wrapping around to the back of the board.


I didn't prepare the wind fence board at all, just got to painting! I used DecoArt - Light Antique White to paint inside the tape. Make sure you paint the 6 inch strips (can you see how one strip appears narrower than the other). I also painted on the side of the boards as well.

Once the paint was dry, I gently peeled the tape off. In hindsight I think I should have done a lighter coat of paint (less to sand off later!)

 I used my Microsoft Works word processor to make my own stencils. I used Impact 400 for numbers 1 - 6. Once I figure out how to link the document I'll add it in! In the meantime,  if you would like a copy I can email it to you. I printed the numbers and then cut them out. I taped them onto the unpainted wood. I would like to try using a stencil adhesive as I found I had to tape (folded the tape over so it was sticky on both sides) the underside of my stencils to make sure there wasn't a lot of space where the paint would get under the stencil and "out of the lines". 

Once this paint dried, I carefully removed the stencils and voila, I had my numbers! I didn't apply as much paint as I had to the stripes and didn't have to sand the numbers at all because they already had that weathered look to them. I did give the stripes a light sanding, although I didn't want to sand too much and take off the naturally weathered layer of wood.

Here is the final product. I think this is my favourite project so far! I am now trying to decide if I should use a black Sharpie to write the heights & dates on the wood or if I should make dog tags and attach with small pins. What do you think?

 Total cost of this project was approx $4
  • Reclaimed wind fence board - Free
  • DIY Number stencil - Free
  • DecoArt Light Antique White paint - $1 from Dollarama
  • Painters tape - $3 at our local Co-op
  • All the other supplies I had on hand (measuring tape, square, pencil crayon, sanding block)


  1. This is super cute! Gotta love love a $4 project!

  2. Thanks Kelly! We are very fortunate to have all sorts of reclaimed wood lying around to use! Definitely cuts down the costs of materials!

  3. I love this height chart. It is so very sweet! Going to pin it.


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